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聚焦阅读教学,提升专业素养—— 2020mgmgmg素养大赛中年段赛后研讨
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2020 Competence-oriented Teaching Content for Primary School teachers from grade 3 and grade 4 came to an end on the 12th of November. Eleven English teachers from grade 3 and grade 4 brought eleven high-quality reading classes, which not only reflected terrific teaching skills of young English teachers in our school, but demonstrated their professional literacy in the new era. After the fierce competition came the seminar hosted by Mrs. Li Qianwei, the leader in charge of teaching and learning research in grade 3 and grade 4.


The young teachers gave their speeches mainly on their puzzles and gains in their preparation for this competition. Miss Chen jie from grade three shared her ideas in terms of reading strategy, teacher-student interaction and class design, and raised her confusions about how to enrich class activities. Miss Zhao Siwan from grade three proposed that student-centered classes were necessary. Moreover, grasping the important and difficult points of a class was also significant. Mrs Yan Yujiao's sharing focused on teaching strategies, text processing, and the emotional value behind the text. Mrs. Zhu Xiaolu from grade 4 shared in details her gains and losses when interpreting the text and its implied value. All the teachers are believed to resonate with the four teachers’ deep and meaningful insights into reading classes.


While affirming the teaching ability and professional quality of young teachers, the teachers who watched the competition put forward valuable opinions and suggestions. Mrs. Liu Qiaoping put forward the concept of green class. That’s to say a teacher should reduce unnecessary teaching aids and props and increase the content and quality of the class. Mrs. Liu Min spoke highly of the reading strategies used in pre-reading, while-reading and post-reading procedures as well as the teachers’ creative blackboard writing. Meanwhile she argued that a reading class should be chiefly focused on students' reading ability rather than their role-playing capability. Teacher Xu Jingru analyzed the highlights of each teacher regarding their activity design especially lead-in activities, and proposed that a teacher should guide students to learn the reading material in a deep way so as to help train their brain to think in English. Finally, Mr. Yu Yang, on behalf of all the judges, affirmed the language and basic teaching skills of the eleven English teachers and more importantly, emphasized the overall reading and task-driven reading.


Focusing on reading teaching, this seminar was a summary of strength and deficiency teachers had in their teaching processes via exchanging ideas between young teachers and their predecessors, and ultimately pointed out the direction and goals for the future reading teaching.

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