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Dragon Boat Festival
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This year I was lucky enough to participate in the Dragon Boat racing on June 9th. It was my second opportunity to row in a dragon boat, but my first time doing so during the festival. Dragon Boat Festival has a few different origin stories, but my favorite is the story of the poet Qu Yuan. The racing is significant of villagers racing out to save him from drowning in a river and the tradition of eating zongzi represents the villagers feeding the fish rice balls so they wouldn’t eat his body when they couldn’t find him. I think it is very important for foreigners to learn about local traditional customs when living in a different country.

To celebrate Dragon Boat Festival, I participated in the races at Mochou Lake. During the Opening Ceremony they presented a traditional dragon dance with four people. When the races began, three teams raced at a time. While rowing, it is very important for teams to work well together with perfect synchronicity. You must row together, chant together, and be together. It is also important for your boat to be well balanced and even. No one person can be stronger or better than the others, everyone is equally important for success. Our team didn’t perform so well compared to the other teams, but we still had fun and that is what matters!



Another tradition of Dragon Boat Festival is preparing and eating zongzi. These sticky rice dumplings can be prepared either sweet or salty depending on where in China you are living. I prefer fruit and nut zongzi myself. After our race was finished, I learned how to make zongzi. You start with large broad leaves and shape them into a cone. You fill it with uncooked rice and other fillings. You then wrap it up completely and tie it off. You steam the dumplings and eat them hot or cold. I found it very difficult to make zongzi and my teacher had to correct me many times. Even though I couldn’t perfect the art of making zongzi, I still appreciated the opportunity to learn this tradition.

I love being able to fully immerse myself in China and the traditions and culture in China. I’m really grateful that I have the opportunity to work at a school that provides all these exciting events and activities.

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